What You Need to Know

You probably have heard the construction adage that you can only have 2 of the big 3 elements of any construction project; you can have it done to your Schedule, you can have the Quality and the level of finishes that you have envisioned, or you can get everything that you want on Budget. Four Peaks Building Group delivers on all 3 and additionally, a fourth, the right Oversight is key to success when you choose the right partner.

The upmost vital part of every construction project is the schedule. The largest expense to any project is the labor. We drive a schedule and commit to our subcontractors the timelines, mobilizations, and site coordination during the estimating process. These communications start early and often, so we can obtain the best pricing and forward those cost savings to our clients.

Quality for us is simple: We hire the best Team Members and Subcontractors. However, quality does not only make reference to the final product. At Four Peaks Building Group, we go through every project in fine detail before we even put a shovel in the ground. We research all the products for the project and cross reference the materials to ensure the feasibility and constructability, so we can rectify any discrepancies prior to starting construction. This proactive approach ensures the client saves time and money.

To our prospective clients, the most important aspect of any project is the budget, as it should be. Communication is key, and we have several methods of contract types and each are unique to best fit your needs. Our Team works with you and your budget to give you the final product you desire. As we estimate your project, we put forth a lot of effort to ensure we have captured all the cost and communicate those expenses to you. Prior to engaging into a contract you know we have scrutinized your project in fine detail and have captured all the costs for your project to be a success.

At Four Peaks, we have added a fourth and that is the right Oversight.

Every project Four Peaks Building Group puts its name on must be a success. Which is why our leadership is actively engaged on ALL our projects. Our company structure is setup with comprehensive oversite in every facet of the project from beginning to the end, so we can capitalize on our experience and oversight to bring success to your project.

Construction is not easy for most, but following the correct processes and delivering on our promise to meet or exceed the 4 key factors to success we can make the journey a rewarding experience for all.

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“I have worked with the Four Peaks Building Group Team for several years and these guys are true professionals in their field.”